Is PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Dead? Maybe Not

The one version of the PlayStation 3 that currently supports PlayStation 2 software—via emulation of the "Emotion Engine"—looks like it's about to go the way of the dodo. Exactly how crushed should those of us be, should we want to experience PS2 classics on our future PS3s? Oh, totally crushed for now, but the future may provide a glimmer of hope, backing us away from the ledge. PlayStation Network director Eric Lempell says there are "possibilities" the PS2 playing capabilities could come back to the gutted PS3 in the most recent issue of EGM.

When asked by the mag if the now BC-less console kills any chance of offering PS2 games via the PlayStation Store, as it does for original PlayStation games, Lempel said "We haven't talked about that yet, but there are possibilities through technology and software emulation to make that possibles."

Lempell chose not to talk about "specific plans at this point" but that doesn't mean we can't hope. And pray. And start online petitions.

The full interview, which is actually with Sony Computer Entertainment SVP of marketing Peter Dille—he says backward compatibility is "important to us"—is in the newest issue of EGM, which is in subscriber hands now. We hope that 1UP will publish the interview online, in-full, at some point soon.


    Thats what my PS3 is best at....waiting...

    Oh, I get it, instead of being able to just put in and PLAY the games we own, we can buy them again. Or instead of buying games at fair prices, we can pay through the nose for old games at whatever price they feel like, simply because they lied to us about the features of their console before launch.

    I'm no Sony hater - I'm glad I was lucky enough to get a 60gb machine (which is still gimped with software emulation), but I really hope someone gets fired over this shifty maneuver.

    I was thinking about getting my son a PS3 for Christmas, but without backward compatibility, it seems to be a wast of money.
    We don't own a PS2, and I was hoping to save some money and be able to purchase some good PS2 titles we haven't seen before at a reasonable price. PS3 games are still expensive (for a pensioner anyway, but it seems I might be better off just buying a new PS2.

    It's rather interesting how the US and Japan get the BC, but in Australia, where we are already paying a premium price, devoid of the standard exchange rate, we have to lose more features, and pay a premium for the privilege.

    Just because we are the land down under, doesn't mean we are all backwards, but Sony seem to treat us as if we are.

    I'm going out to burn my PSX (PS1) in disgust, and I paid $999.00 for that one when it first hit our shores.

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