Is Ubisoft Next On EA's Shopping List?

EA's attempt at snatching up Take-Two Interactive for $US 2 billion in cash may not have been as warmly welcomed as CEO John Riccitiello had hoped, but it may have a back up plan. It's clear that EA is serious about trying to absorb Take-Two, even going as far as registering—yeah, they're into this for tens of dollars already—and it may be also be set on welcoming someone else into the fold soon.

GameCyte points out that not only did EA register the EATake2 domain name through a proxy on February 22, two days before the buy out proposal went public, it also snapped up While EA already has a 19.9% stake in Ubisoft, the French publisher is becoming a more expensive acquisition prospect, based on some of its recent successes.

Yes, the evidence is circumstantial and EA may simply be parking the domain in case any squatters get quick buck ideas, but interesting nonetheless.

EA and Ubisoft? [GameCyte]


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