Itagaki Laughs At Your So-Called "Violence"

Tecmo's Tomonobu Itagaki is so not fucking around. He's a man of extremes, chugging black coffee and eating burnt steaks. He scoffs at quote-un-quote video game violence. That's nothing. From the BBC piece:

"Violence is not about cutting an enemy into pieces or seeing a lot of blood," he [Itagaki]says. "That's not what real violence is." To emphasise his point, Itagaki reaches for a sheathed samurai sword mounted in his office, and holds it out in front of me.

"In the Japanese warrior tradition you would shame an opponent. A real sword expert would aim his slice at the first four fingers of his opponent's sword hand. This would cost a warrior his livelihood and someone suffering this wound would normally commit suicide rather than live without their sword hand.

"That's what I consider to be real violence," he says...

Fascinating! Just don't ask Itagaki what he considers real breasts to be.
Ninja Gaiden Piece [Telegraph via CVG]


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