Itagaki Will Like GDC Better When He "Matures"

Sure GDC might be a professional workshop for game developers, but not for Tecmo's Tomonobu Itagaki. He's at GDC for one reason: Promote Ninja Gaiden II. What does he think about Itagaki?

I don't make games for other game developers nor am I trying to transmit any sort of information or philosophy to other game developers. I mean, I do this for the fans and the people out there who want to play my games. So, when you're talking about an event like GDC, which is really an event by game developers for game developers, then I don't really have a whole lotta interest in that event in and of itself... I won't say there's no point to it. GDC is a very important event, and I certainly respect and realize what they're trying to do here. It's just a personal choice... Some day maybe when I've matured maybe, and when I become a little more well-rounded like Peter Molyneux, I may decide to come and give advice and give lectures on how to make games. But right now, I'm more focused on my own endeavors.

Besides, Itagaki's advice would be just how-tos on wearing leather jackets, picking up chicks and drinking bottles of Jack. Not nearly as useful as anything Peter Molyneux has to say!
Video Interview [Game|Life][Pic]


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