It's "Getting Difficult" For Non-Game DS Games

A while back, Parappa The Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura got a little heat for saying the DS bubble had burst. Now, he's back to clarify!

It is not a simple bubble. The DS successfully launched in many territories simultaneously, but maybe at the end of 2006 to 2007 many titles — sequels — lost [money] . Very few titles are getting much better.

This means, especially for the Brain Training titles or non-gaming content, it is getting difficult right now.

But the Wii's doing okay, right? Not necessarily says Matsuura! That, after the jump.

Wii's case is much more difficult. It currently looks as if no third-party title is successful in Japan. So, this means to make a good Wii game requires longer time to make the interaction better.

In a nutshell: Casual doesn't have legs, and people only want Nintendo games. A lesson to be learned, but not by us!

Matsuura Interview [Games Industry via Go Nintendo]


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