Jack Thompson Agrees to Debate Fake Samuel L. Jackson, Then Chickens Out

Remember when Jack Thompson read a News Groper post about him written by the fake Samuel L. Jackson, thought it was the real Samuel L. Jackson, challenged that fake Samuel L. Jackson to a debate, flattered the fake Samuel L. Jackson, sent us a "press release" that Samuel L. Jackson had blogged about him and then finally realized that that Samuel L. Jackson was actually the fake Samuel L. Jackson? We sure do! Here's the fake Samuel L. Jackson's reply to Thompson's debate dare:

Dare? Hell yeah, you dare Sam Jack and you damn well better expect a response. NewsGroper took him up on that shit. We spent all day emailing him, responding to his emails, working out a system to get this debate on the road. And at the last minute-I bullshit you like I'd bullshit Christ Almighty-the motherfucker bailed like Bowser at the end of level three of Super Mario.

He emailed us this: you know, some people have died because of jerkballs like jackson and his spike tv vga award mentality, so I'll take a pass. grow up

First of all, what the fuck? Why dare me to debate, spend all day organising that debate, then insult me and pull out like the Purple fucking Pie-Man coming up against Strawberry Shortcake?

And then you call me a jerkball? What the fuck is a got-damn jerkball? Is that like a tribble with Parkinsons?

The fake Samuel L. Jackson pinged us last night, bringing word that News Groper had actually spent the entire day trying to set up that debate. You know, the one that Jack Thompson proposed to obviously the totally fake Samuel L. Jackson. To save face, Thompson at one point during the day yesterday actually agreed to "play along" and debate the fake Samuel L. Jackson. A format was established, and then Thompson suddenly declined, saying that the real Samuel L. Jackson was just as responsible for gun deaths as video games. Once again, Jack Thompson's logic astounds! What we do know: Fake Samuel L. Jackson would've so kicked his motherfucking ass in a debate.
Fake Samuel L. Jackson's Blog [News Groper]


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