Jack Thompson Challenges Fake Samuel L. Jackson to Debate

Samuel L. Jackson isn't only a fine actor, but a gamer. He's one of us. What does he think of NIU tragedy? No clue. But what does FAKE Sam Jackson think about it? He's a pissed off motherfucker. Over on News Groper, which clearly states "These Blogs Are Not Real", the phony Samuel L. Jackson blogs:

And I was also fucking amazed when I read about Christian conservative attorney Jack Thompson blaming all this shooting shit on video games again, like there ain't no other possible got-damn reason on God's green earth for a motherfucker to go batshit and blow away another person. Jack Thompson's letter to the Northern Illinois University president is a laugh-riot. I'm assuming Jack Thompson isn't related to Eric "Don't Call Me Lance Bass" Thompson, but both these Thompsons sure got a family resemblance of idiotic statements.

Now imagine Sam Jackson saying it. And picture Jack Thompson getting upset by this. And then imagine Jack Thompson getting mad at the real Sam Jackson for something the fake Sam Jackson blogged. Hit the jump for Thompson's comment on the News Groper post:

Mr. Jackson, I enjoyed your post about NIU and about me. Unfortunately, you could fit what you know about school shootings and their causes in a sleeve of Titleist golf balls. I'm a six handicap, and would love to play you a match anywhere anytime.

More importantly, Mr. Jackson, I saw you and the Jack Thompson spoof at the Spike TV Video Game Awards Show. Very funny, really.

Here's a proposal: Why don't you debate me on this issue of whether violent video games cause real world violence. I'll do it anywhere, anytime. You name it.

I dare you.

Jack Thompson, 305-666-4366, [email protected]

PS: Saw you in Black Snake Moan this weekend. I thought you deserved an Oscar for your performance. Brilliant.

And in his fury, Thompson even posted his phone number on the internet so he and Sam could talk Black Snake Moan! Keep this in mind: Jack Thompson sent us this story, along with his debate proposal. The subject line of that email? "Jack Thompson is winning and you are not". He must've felt pretty important that even Samuel L. Jackson was hatin' on him! Well, until he realised it was a TOTALLY FAKE Samuel L. Jackson. Thompson posted this second comment:

Although your "badass" post was not real, mine is.

Jack Thompson

All this would be pretty funny if it wasn't so damn sad.

Student Hunting Season [News Groper]


    This is one of those occasions where it is so strange, it just has to be true.

    Thompson's post is real because he's hanging out for another pay day. No surprise that a school shooting occurs and he immeditately spots the dollar signs, and then to top it all off he spots a big time celebrity who would draw a crowd (and a hefty pay check) to a debate and he pounces.

    I dare you.... to make me some serious cash.

    JT I dare you to actually gain some respect in your field by giving informed opinions rather than sensationalist crap that only Fox news is interested in.

    ahahaha funny. What a jackass.

    I hope people went bat shit insane with his phone number.

    Jack Thompson actually sent you this story...

    Good lord i wish i could have seen his face the moment it dawned on him that his target samuel was fake. I bet he still has the palm-print on his forhead.

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