Jaffe: Here's My Goddamn Wii Controller, Bitches

but_but_but_gamecube.jpgThe man behind vehicular shooter Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, recently fired back with with a nigh perfect response to Shigeru Miyamoto's question "Why would you make that? Why would you put a gun on a car?" His interview with Wired's Game|Life, well, it got the internet—alright, a handful of commenters and message board pitchfork wielders—into a bit of a tizzy. But the man loves Nintendo. Maybe not on teething with a GameCube controller levels, but just because he's got a suitable response doesn't mean he's not a fan.

Jaffe, today, urges calm to the throngs of upset Nintendo and Miyamoto fans who feel slightly sore down there. "It's a joke. It was funny," he says in his new video blog, just before whipping out his personal Wii remote, "I thought it was somewhat funny." Oh, David, it was. Can't we all just relax and enjoy Mr. Jaffe's ability to question the logic of banana-peel firing go karts?

OMFG!!! [David Jaffe's Blog]


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