Jaffe Waxes About The True Meaning of Hip-Hop

We like hearing David Jaffe talk. He says interesting things and uses bad words. We like interesting and bad words! Over at MTV's Multiplayer blog, there's a meaty interview with him discussing the types of music he listens to while making a game. During God of War? "Sail Away" by Styx. And now? Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Tupac. Does that mean Jaffe is making Saints Row 3? Not at all! He explains:

It's not 'You listen to hip-hop music' [means]'you make a hip-hop game.' It's got nothing to do with that. It has to do with, at least for me, what is the underlying message of a lot of that hip-hop I'm talking about. Which is aggression you know, which is energy. That's the kind of stuff that I hope comes through in the game.

Insightful stuff. The rest of the interview is a great read and definitely worth checking out. We're just happy that we get to use this snowy Jaffe pic again.
Why Is Jaffe Blasting Straight Outta Compton? [MTV]


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