Jonathan Blow On Marketing, 'Lying' to Players, Passage

Oh, Jonathan Blow. You're so painfully pretentious it would almost be cute if you didn't go zinging so far over the line almost every time you open your mouth publicly. The maker of the forthcoming XBLA title Braid is back with another discussion of his views on the industry, this one really launching off on a new - wait, no, it's the same old, same old. I'm really curious to see the end product of his game, but I could do without the pretentious attitude that reminds me of hipster indie music people. It was fine the first few go rounds, but someone needs a new schtick, pronto:

The way you've formed the question is the way I think a lot of principled indies approach it — "I want to have integrity, but I also need to get my game out there so people will buy it." This is sort of true, but I think this way of looking at things inherently causes problems. Making money is hard sometimes, and if you convince yourself that you need to make money (in order to eat, or fund the next game, or whatever), then you are automatically on a slippery slope and will start justifying all sorts of things, and eventually you are far from your original ideals but that doesn't seem too bad because you "just had to be realistic".

Do people sometimes go in directions they might not otherwise because they have silly things like food to worry about? Sure. But 'automatically on a slippery slope'? Give me a break. God forbid people should want their job to at least provide basic necessities — how un-indie of them! However, I wasn't really irked until I read his take on Passage, even though he managed to throw the designer a bone after seemingly missing the whole point. It's an interesting interview to read through, even if it did make me hopping mad at points.

Jonathan Blow Says 'Fuck That!' [Gamehelper]


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