Ken Levine Calls Casual Games a "Gateway Drug" Over and Over

Ken Levine is a thinker. Which means, he thinks. A lot. And what does the BioShock designer think about casual games? This:

I think, what it is, it's a nice gateway drug. It makes people understand the principles of gaming... I think it is a nice gateway drug. I think it is going to strictly expand the market, which doesn't scare me very much... Nothing on the scale of a Wii Sports, but again, Wii Bowling is like the ultimate gateway drug and God bless them for figuring that out because there is no barrier of entry. "Hey, can you go like that?" [swings arm]That's what you do in bowling, that's what you do in Wii Sports.

Today's Ken Levine catch phrase: Casual games are a gateway drug.
Storytelling Beneath The Surface [GamesIndustry via Go Nintendo]


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