Kids' Choice Awards Choose Poorly

On Sunday, March 29th, rock and roll hero and sometimes actor Jack Black returns to the Nickelodeon stage to host the 21st Annual Kids' Choice Awards, where the stupid children decide who wins the awards! Now I know there are some pretty smart children out there, but they are all busy playing games like Portal or BioShock (with their stupid parents proudly ignoring them in the other room), thus the nominees for the 2008 Favorite Video Game Award:

Dance Dance Revolution
Guitar Hero
High School Musical: Sing It!
Madden NFL '08

There's really not much I can say here. I mean, Guitar Hero is nice and all, but they just list Guitar Hero...not II or III. Same with Dance Dance Revolution. There are 20 bajillion versions of DDR out there. Pick one! Madden 08 just goes to show that they were running out of kid-friendly titles to nominate, and if High School Musical: Sing It! wins? I am driving over to my nephew's house and smacking him upside the head just for associating with people his own age.

Kids' Choice Award's Official Nominee Announcement [Nickelodeon]


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