King Of Fighters XII Unveiled This Weekend

This weekend, the AOU 2008 expo goes down in Tokyo. Seeing as this is only the world's #1 arcade gaming show, you can bet some big-name games will be paraded around. Like King of Fighters XII, which will be shown publicly for the first time, albeit in video form (it sadly won't be playable). Little is known about this latest installment in the series, though it should be coming to the US in 2009 on both PS3 and 360. We've also heard that the game will be neither 2D nor 3D.

Street Fighter IV will also be making an appearance, most likely in playable form. Despite persistent reports that Osaka-based DIMPS (comprised of former SNK staff) are working on Capcom's flagship fighter, Capcom themselves are officially stating that the project is being developed in-house. Either way, should be a good weekend for fighter fans, who probably haven't partied this hard since the summer of '93.


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