Kotaku Reader Escapes Tornado, Now Homeless

From reader Pdubbs601:

last night jackson, tn got hit with a tornado that tore down most of the dorms and left our campus in ruins. i got out ok (glass in my hand, but that's about it) and all of my close friends are account for and doing well. unfortunately my car got totalled, and my room has been quarantined so i can't get to it. what really stinks is that my room contained well over $US 2,000 worth of gaming apparatus (including a pc which ran WoW, a 360 elite, multiple controllers, a psp, ps2, tv, sound system, and a couple hundred dollars worth of games). now i'm homeless (staying with friends) and bored as mess because i don't have any games to keep me company!

...when it comes down to it, it's just stuff. admittedly fun stuff which can make for a fun evening when nothing else is going on, but just stuff. i found myself giving thanks to God for my life and the lives of my friends, and as a side note, asking that my material posessions be spared.

Here's hoping you pull through this, Pdubbs601.


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