Kotobukiya Once Again Prove It Has Halo Down

Figurine maker Kotobukiya has done a fine job with Master Chief. Its badass Master Chief from last summer was pretty great as were its blue and red Spartans. And it's latest Master Chief? Ditto on pretty great. The Halo 3 statue features changeable hands and weapons. It lists for around $US 90 and goes on sale this June. And the one is, well, pretty great, too.
Master Chief Field of Battle [Hobby Search Thanks, Markus!]


    Really like this figure of the Chief, the bubble shield is nicely done and it's great to have him with his iconic rifle. Very damn tempted to order one of these from Japan.

    Excellent figure! I was just discussing Sir Chief With Mr. Miyamoto not to long ago....

    "There there Mr. Miyamoto, don't cry. U still has Mario remember."

    What? No! I don't think Master Chief would appreciate that."

    "No! Miyamoto San!"

    "it's not a competition u know!"

    "Well u are his father after all."

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