Lair Analog Patch Confirmed?

Often rumoured and much desired, Doug Allen from the IGN Blogs has reportedly gotten his hands on the analog controls for Factor 5's much-maligned PlayStation 3 game Lair, and claims they are the bomb - quite possibly the bomb diggity.

I played it and Holy shit; Greg needs to give them a new score. It was kind of clear that Factor 5 put in the extra effort a little begrudgingly, but the results were amazing. This might push me over the edge into the "must buy PS3" territory. I also mentioned Greg Miller's name, and the Factor 5 guys burned a hole through my skull with their looks of hatred. I think they'll be alright once the patch is out for a while though.

Sounds good to me, though since this is just a guy in a blog post we're going to have to chalk this up as a rumour right now. Why no official confirmation yet? With all the new stuff to look at, who is going to drop by the Lair kiosk?

GDC 2008 Crazy Shit Report #1 [DugBuzz's IGN Blog - Via]


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