Learn About Japan's Gaming Grannies

It's numbers time! That's right, we've got a post full of data that provides insight into people who answered survey questions. Hooray. In this case, it's over a thousand old Japanese ladies between the ages of 50 and 69. Findings include: 41.3 percent have a game console. What's more, 12.4 percent play their game console "often," while 33.6 percent play it "sometimes" and 23.4 percent play it "occasionally". The most common consoles?

Nintendo DS 65.5 percent
PlayStation (any model) 61.5 percent
Super Famicom (SNES) 36.5 percent
Famicom (NES) 28.2 percent
GameBoy (including Micro) 25.5 percent
GameBoy Advance 17.8 percent
Wii 17.6 percent
PSP 14.2 percent
Nintendo 64 12.8 percent
Sega Saturn 5.0 percent
Xbox (doesn't specify) 4.5 percent
Dreamcast 4.5 percent
Other 2.9 percent

Popular games include study games, puzzle games and simulation titles. Though, 13 percent do like "action, shooting" games! And who do they game with? Almost half play by themselves, around 25 percent play with their children, and the rest with husbands, grandchildren, etc.
Granny Gamers [goo Research via What Japan Thinks]


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