LEGO Indiana Jones

For the last part of my three part coverage of the Lucas Arts presentation, we'll talk a little about LEGO Indiana Jones. The portion we saw dealt with the iconic scenes from the beginning of the first movie: running from giant boulders, stealing golden idol heads and the like. We were also introduced to some of the game mechanics. Indy will of course make much use of his whip to destroy things, grab objects and swing his way through his adventures.

He will also have an ally who will help him through each of the various levels of the game and each ally will have a special skill such as excavation that will come in handy. These helpers can also be controlled by another player in the co-op mode. Players can look forward to Lego versions of all their favorite characters including Dr. Henry Jones Sr., Sala and everyone's favorite little screaming Asian kid, Short Round. Each characters phobias, such as Indy's famus aversion to snakes will come into play as you progress through the game. As in the other LEGO Star Wars titles, humor plays a huge part in the game and the few little cut scenes we saw were quite funny and had the gathered crowd laughing aloud quite a bit. We even got a special appearance by the golden head of a certain Star Wars robot that was used to great effect. All three movies will be covered in the game with each film being made up of six levels.

The DS version will be making use of the microphone to solve puzzles by blowing out torches and also included will be a cooking mini-game featuring the infamous monkey brains scene. Something tells me you won't be seeing THAT in Cooking Mama 3.

With all it's various in-jokes and trademark LEGO humor, I think that LEGO Indiana Jones will be a sure fire hit with fans of the genre and kids alike. I wasn't really on the LEGO Star Wars tip when it came out, but there is no doubt that LEGO Indy will be a permanent part of my game collection when it comes out this summer.


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