Leipzig Might (*Might*) Still Go Ahead in 2009

Well, somebody doesn't know when they're beat. Despite the announcement of a new major international games show in 2009, which is backed by the German industry and will be held in the city of Cologne, the organisers of the Leipzig Games Convention just don't know how to quit. A Leipzig spokesperson has told Eurogamer.de:

steht die Games Convention 2009 weiterhin im Kalender (For now, the 2009 Games Convention is still on the calendar).

Defiant! Though to be fair, they say they'll be taking a longer look at the show's survival prospects after speaking with publishers at this year's show, where they'll no doubt be told thanks, really, it's been a great seven years.
Leipziger Messe: Games Convention 2009 vorerst noch weiter eingeplant [Eurogamer.de]


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