Let's Get Real About Bionic Commando Wii Port

The idea of a Wii Bionic Commando port sounds nice and all. You could use the Wii-mote to swing around. Great! No wonder there's an internet petition trying to make it happen. The cold, brutal reality is something else altogether — if not impossible. About that pie-in-the-sky petition, the game's producer and money-hater Ben Judd says:

I understand where they're coming from. If we did a Wii version it would not be with one-to-one swinging... you couldn't do [that]for more than 10 minutes.

Well, you could, but your arm would fall off. Sounds like the Wii port would be something like press a button, wait, do a waggle, press a button, wait, do a waggle. And the point of a Wii port is?
BC Wii Chances [NSider 2]


    Screw waggling! I want BC on the Wii for the pointer capabilities. No lock on, no fiddling with dual analogue sticks, just point and swing. Like Spiderman 3, but you know... Good.

    indeed. pointing is where it's at.

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