Lineage II Offers $US 10 Sex Change

lineagesexchange.jpgNCsoft has just launched their new value-added services for MMO Lineage II, featuring name changes, server changes (coming soon), and the one we've all been waiting for - sex changes. For just $US 9.99 you can trade in your outtie genitalia for an innie, or vice versa. Knowing how wishy-washy MMO players can be about their gender, the service allows you to change up to once a week, unless you are one of the winged Kamael, in which case you're already pretty close to gender neutral anyway. Launching alongside the discount nip and tuck is the name change service, which allows you to bury your bad reputation under another title for $US 29.99 as long as you remove yourself from any guilds and create a level 1 character with the desired name in order to reserve it. Once the server transfer service launches in a few weeks you will be able to start a completely new life as the woman or man you've always had lurking inside of you. Joy!

Lineage II Account Services Page [NCsoft]


    Okay, I'll mould you in an hour, then. Just confining you darker pleasant, that's all.

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