Listen to The Duke Nukem Forever Clusterfuck

Remember when The Dallas Business Journal reported that 3D Realms' honcho Scott Miller said Duke Nukem Forever was finally getting a release date? This year even! But then 3D Realms' George Broussard said this was just "confusion" about what was "off the record"? Almost as funny as Duke Nukem Forever finally coming out! 3D Realms honcho Scott Miller says this about The Dallas Business Journal:

Quite simply, they are lying bastards and they know it.

Tangy! Stephen Webster, who penned the original article, says he stands by it — as did the whole 41-paper American City Business Journals Network. He also said, "We are not liars." Okay dookey. But what did Miller actually say?

The Dallas Business Journal has posted a sound clip from the interview. The exchange goes:

Webster: Ideally, we'd like to spotlight some of the projects coming out in 2008: Ghostbusters, Rage, Borderlands, and maybe it's just hopeful on my part, Duke Forever. Of course, you don't have to tell me when it's coming out. I know how...

Miller: It might make this year. We can't make any sort of official announcement. We're pushing for this year. Frankly, I think we're going to miss it by just a by a few months, but it's definitely an internal push.

Webster: That's good to hear.

Oh. So, it's a vague confirmation that 3D Realms "might" get it out this year. The DBJ article has since been changed to reflect that. "Might make this year"? That's been 3D Realms' song and dance for forever!
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