Little Kids Are Busy, Too

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

I always bitch and moan about how busy I am, but today I took inventory of what Mini-Bash has been up to. In the last thirty-six hours, my kid has gotten his face slammed in a door by another kid at school, punched said kid in the face, got in trouble for punching said kid in the face, left his tissue pack at school, eaten two boxes of Koala March cookies, been scolded for eating two boxes of Koala March cookies, watched the Transformers movie, thrown-up all over his bed after feeling sick from eating two boxes of Koala March cookies, slept, almost missed his bus for school, received an apology from the kid who slammed his face in the door and who he punched five, apologised to said kid, played in the sand boxes with two twin girls, been urinated on by another kid, told his teacher another kid peed on him, took a bus, went to a game center with Mrs. Bashcraft, told us that he likes the twin girls because they are "very cute" but that he can't tell them apart so he likes them both, studied hiragana, listened to the Kamen Rider soundtrack and watched Pokemon on TV. He also ate and bathed!

Oh, I spent last night cleaning Mini Bash's puke outta his Spider-Man bed, so I couldn't get my Wii Fit on. Tonight I did and felt the burn.

It's fascinating to actually go back and see what you didn't during the day, ya know?

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