Liveblogging the Independent Games Festival

The Independent Games Festival and Game Developer Choice Awards is the only award show that I actually enjoy attending. The show is packed to the gills with big names and indie devs all showcased in show packed with razor whit and finally tuned humour.

The show will be giving away $US 75,000 in prizes to folks who are students, indie developers and people who put everything they have, sometimes, to create the games they love.

On to the best student award.

The winner is Synaesthete, a techno amazing game that seems to blend Robotron 2000 with Rez. It's really an amazing game.

The winner for technical excellence: 2D Boy's World of Goo.

On to a Mega 64 clip. I'm independent.

The winner for visual excellence is: Fez

Hey, the fez guy just took to the stage wearing a fez. So independent. He wrote a haiku and is reading it while wearing a monocle.

In the clear blue sky
An awards ceremony
This is fucking awesome.

He thanked some friends, mom and dad.... (Jesus).W

Winner for design innovation is: World of Goo.

"Mom and dad thank you, I told you so."

Winner for Excellence in audio: Audio Surf.

"I worked so long on that, I'm just glad so many people are enjoying it."

Best web browser games winner is: Iron Dukes.

"Thank you so much, this is quite an honor. Everybody is doing such amazing things. This is such an honor, thank you so much."

The audience choice award winner is: Audiosurf

"Wow, this feels great. I'm just overwhelmed. So many people playing so much and bringing the server down, but it's stable now."

Time for the Seamus McNally Game of the Year award winner: Crayon Physics Deluxe.

He wrote his acceptance speech with crayons on a piece of cardboard: Fuck Yeah!

"Thanks to my parents for allowing me to draw with crayons."

Game Developers Choice Awards are kicking off now:

Jason Rubin just took to the stage to start presenting the awards.

The Best Game Design winner is: Portal

"I'd like to thank Valve, they are such an incredible company. Thanks to all of you for voting for us."

Best Debut Game winner is: Crackdown

"Nice work agent. I want to say thanks to the development team."

Best Audio: Bioshock

"This is awesome. I'm Emily, this is Patrick we love doing sound for games. It was amazing to work on, you don't often get to work on an art deco sound track."

Best Downloadable Game winner: flow.

"Wow, so I got elected to talk on behalf of the team because I dressed up a little bit. Thank you and literally thank you for making the games that inspired us to be here tonight. Thank you to my mom and dad. It's my mom's birthday today so it would be great if you could all say happy birthday. 1, 2, 3: HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Crecente goes to the bathroom. McWhertor takes over!

The award for Best Technology is up, with Halo 3, Assassin's Creed, Crysis, Portal and Call of Duty 4 up for the prize. What's with the lousy framerate on all these Portal clips, anyway?

Crysis gets it! I guess the voters have good PCs.

"Wow. I almost got a heart attack, actually!" says that guy with the accent. I'm thinking it's Cervat Yerli. Families and programmers are thanked, amid what sounds like choked speech. It may just be another heavily accented developer.

Crecente's back!

Ambassador Award goes to: Jason Della Rocca.

"And here I thought being called a jack-ass and idiot on national television by Jack Thompson was reward enough. Really this is wonderful.

"Fine you don't have time to start a charity or fight Jack, so let your game do the talking. I'll fight Jack.

"Like it or not each and everyone of you is an ambassador."

Innovation Award winner is: Portal

"Thank you again, you guys are far too nice."

"Had I known at the beginning that it would end here having to talk in front of you we would have been far less innovative."

Best Visual Arts Award winner is: BioShock

"I really think we are accepting this award for two teams who managed to work well together from two sides of the world."

Game Developer Choice award goes to Ralph Baer, the man behind Pong and the light gun.

"Had I listed to all of those people back 40 years ago... and had not proceeded we might not all be here today, certainly things might have been different. It's a privilege and an honor to be here and I'm still cranking out stuff."

Best Handheld Game winner is: The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

Best Writing winner is: BioShock

"An acceptance speech.. my God, this is so great."

Well crap, the show is still going and my battery isn't. I'll be kicking the liveblog to Ashcraft who will be updating the final Game of the Year award winner the second they announce it.

Stay tuned here.

And the Game of the Year winner is PORTAL. Congrats on that!


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