Lost Odyssey "Cities" Trailer

Lost Odyssey will be here in the States soon and GameTrailers has an exclusive trailer featuring some of the city environments. The graphics really look sharp and the city architecture is beautiful, but unfortunately it looks like they've at least partially stuck to that hideous beige and brown color scheme we see so much of in games these days. Hopefully this isn't a choice they've decided to stick with it for the better part of the game.


    Wow! Wow! Wow! Oh man, this could very well surpass my love for Final Fantasy XII! This game is something I would love to go show my dad!

    When I first showed him FFXII, he was blown away by the Games ending. The CG, he was amazed. I think he nearly cried, though I guess that was because of the technology/CG involved. Back in his day, this kinda stuff was just Fantasy.

    So I would love to get this game for him, even if by watching me play, that's as far into gaming as he goes, then that sure as hell's got my vote. Lost Odyssey looks Amazing!...

    Also, catch the kids playing, about halfway through. Is, is that? Are they speaking Teletubby? Lol! Priceless.

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