Lost Planet 360 on the Cheap at Circuit City

If you have been lagging on checking out the frozen landscapes and giant bugs of Lost Planet now is your chance to do it cheap! This week Circuit City is listing Capcom's Lost Planet (360 version) for the low, low price of $US 19.99. According to the pages I checked, the offer is only available through the website and not available for in-store pick up but you may want to check your local store just to make sure. I must admit I am way behind the tip on this game, but I just got a copy for the PS3 that I am anxious to try out. My skills with shooters have improved vastly since BioShock so perhaps I can get through this one without too much embarrassment.

Best of the Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (2/24 - 3/1) [CheapAssGamer]


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