Lost Planet Colonies Rears Its Head Again

Capcom's Lost Planet Colonies, trademarked by the publisher last Spring, has just been rated by the ESRB with a T rating for the Xbox 360 and PC. That's right, PlayStation 3 owners, you may have to settle for the port of the former 360 exclusive for the time being. Even though Capcom has made no definitive announcements about a follow up to the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, execs have said "there will be more on Lost Planet for sure."

When contacted for comment, Capcom reps simply replied "Stay Tuned." Well, to be perfectly precise, they replied "stay_tuned.jpg." With GDC and a Capcom Gamers Day coming soon, we won't be surprised when Capcom announces something about Colonies.

ESRB Game Ratings


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