Mai Shiranui Toy Stripped Topless

That Kasumi figurine topless teardown revealed something was missing. Well, two things were missing. Website Heisei Democracy has an in-depth review of the 33 centimetre tall figurine of SNK fighter and doujin favorite Mai Shiranui. From the review:

Two final production notes: first, her fans are made of paper and wood and actually collapse and unfold like real folding fans, which is a really cool touch, though they should be treated with care to avoid breakage. Also, while clearly not intended for castoff it's easy enough to pry the front of her costume away from her breasts and peel the front back over her shoulders — though that's as far as it goes.

Somewhat NSFW gallery of the teardown placed safely after the jump. More explicit and risky pics at Heisei Democracy!


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