Make Your Own Guitar Hero Songs With Aussie-Made Editor

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The program, called "Feedback", is a chart editor for Activision's Guitar Hero series. With it, you can add your own songs to the finger-flexing music title, like Master of Puppets demonstrated here.

Now, you may have heard of Feedback before. But what you probably didn't know is that it's made by two Aussie developers - one from Pandemic and the other Krome Studios. The pair has just released to the tool for free, and you can download it from the official website.

The site also has comprehensive instructions on how to use the utility, which requires a PC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista. The latest version of DirectX 9 is a must as well.

There's a press release and a screenshot after the jump, if you feel like taking a squiz.

Popular guitar hero editor now free at

Brisbane, February 14, 2008:
Fans of Guitar Hero now have the power to create, edit and upload their own tracks to Guitar Hero.

The editor has proved a huge hit with over 50 000 users already taking Guitar Hero into their own hands, creating literally thousands of custom songs.

The Feedback Editor includes a simple note syncing interface, customisable Multiplayer, support for both ps2 and 360 controllers, Animation and lighting events, and even multi language support.

Created solely by a Senior Engine programmer at Brisbane's Krome Studios (Developers of Viva Piniata Party Animals and upcoming title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) Feedback was created when the designer couldn't find Metallica- Master of Puppets in the retail version but still found a way to make his favourite track playable.
br/>The Editor is now available absolutely free at and we hope that you take the chance to create that guitar hero experience that you have been dreaming about.


    Will be passing this on to the gaming club, good thing they have the GH2 USB guitar.

    Woah! Sweet! Oh wait, I have it on the Wii...dang.


    Now to grab one of my more computer savvy mates.

    Did they use the channel editor code from Frets on Fire and just adapt it for Guitar Hero?

    Nothing wrong if they did

    Also - why does the "press release" credit just one person?

    lol, next, i guess i'll try to make a a7x song

    Great looking utility, but it is not very comprehensive or intuitive for the "newbie" user or "just for fun" player, because you cannot enter notes onto the chart while the music is playing. You need to have knowledge of music rhythm and timing, giving this utility a lengthy learning curve for a novice who just wants to have alternative tracks available. Any worry about creating a quality chart would be negated by allowing the music to play as slow as necessary, while the novice user enters the correct notes for the correct timing.

    Well it looks great. But yeah, it seems very much like the other editors out there... where the learning curve is extreme (speaking of Frets of Fires). There are many more efficient ways of fretting songs out (which include bpm changes etc). Fruity Loops is great.

    Dude Guitar Hero is Awesome

    cool, next time ill try to mack it longer

    why did i do it and then find it didnt work? maybe my internet

    The Site isnt working or you guys put the wrong one in because i tried twice and it comes up with a #404 Error.

    @HellKnight: Looks like the pages were moved. I've edited the links, they should be correct now.

      What are the correct links?

    Hey,I tried the links and it still doesnt work,can anyone help?cheers guys :)

    i hope this works

    o.k im kinda confused, if i download this on here how am i going to use it with xbox 360 ?

    the greatness would have been to allow us to directly put midi songs in the program and choose which channel we want to play with the guitar. the program would transpose the channel we chose in an electric guitar sound and then we could play our favorite songs easily, requiring just a midi file and no hard and long editing. anybody can program this? ;)

    how do you do everything hmmm???? im young and i baraly know about computers

    how do you access the game lol :P?

    how easy is it to use and how easy is it to load onto a nintendo wii?

      well, it is really easy to use.

    Where can i download this, the link above seems to be broken.

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