Mario Kart Wii Box Unnecessary Packaging, Pack-In Alert

mario_kart_wii_box.jpgHey, is that Mario Kart Wii final box art? Maybe! It seems to have all of its facts straight, now that the Mario Kart Wii title has dropped its "tentative" moniker and that the ESRB has given it an "E" rating. The logo is certainly different than the one shown in Nintendo's own press room, but we're willing to let that slide in our evaluation of box art authenticity. Then again, it's box art, so who ultimately cares at this point if it's legit? Kidding, of course, as box art is serious business.

We're certainly down with the rumoured look and feel, but that packaging to accommodate a Wii Wheel that we don't really want or need seems a bit excessive.

Fake or True? [Nintenerds]


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