Mario Theme Would Make a Fantastic Japanese Anthem

"Kimigayo," Japan's national anthem, has its supporters and haters. Adopted in 1868, the song is really a 10th century poem that contains this controversial line: "May the Emperor's reign last forever." Well, since the Emperor is now a figurehead, some Japanese question whether "Kimigayo" should be the national anthem. Other don't really give a hoot! While discussing Nintendo's super composer Koji Kondo, colleague Nobuo Uematsu jokingly hit upon this solution:

I think there are a lot of talented composers these days compared to when we started back in the day. But if I were to name just one person then it would be [Koji]Kondo-san and his beats and music in Super Mario, just his upbeat tempos. I'm sure everyone in the world — no borderlines or age limit — everyone in the world who's come across Super Mario's music will never forget that melody... I think that the Super Mario song should be the national anthem for Japan. [Hums the death refrain]So when someone wins a gold medal at the Olympics, a Japanese athlete, the flag should go up with the theme song. Shoop! ...The world would have a different image of Japan if we use that.

Before you pepper the comments with "lol" or "hahaha", just keep in mind having to stand and take off your hat every time someone fired up a Mario game. 'Kay? Now proceed with the hahaha-ing and lol-ing.
A Day in the Life [1Up via Go Nintendo]


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