Mark Rein Promises Gears of War 2 "Good Surprises"

Gears of War 2 is coming. And so soon! Not surprising since it's been in development before Gears of War 1 shipped. Does that mean it's going to be Gears rehash? You know, more of the same? Epic honcho Mark Rein says:

Yes, we're doing Gears of War 2! Did you ever doubt that? It's been in development since before Gears of War 1 shipped... We had an executive review the other day and I can tell you it is definitely more badarse. It's really good. One thing I can say is that compared to where we were in the February before we shipped the last Gears, the game is in phenomenal shape. There are some good surprises for people.

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Rein Interview [Eurogamer]


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