Mass Effect Is Still, For Now, A 360 Exclusive

EA's purchase of BioWare was great for EA, less great for Microsoft. Why? Because it leaves their flagship RPG series, Mass Effect, in potential platform limbo. Sure, the first game will always be a 360 exclusive, but couldn't the rest of the series easily go multiplatform? Not if Microsoft can help it. Shane Kim told MTV's Stephen Totilo:

SK: ...We really care about our relationship with EA. BioWare's been a good partner for us. We're very happy with the success of "Mass Effect" and we want that to continue. From a platform perspective, is it the most important that Microsoft Games Studios publishes it or [rather]that it's exclusive to the platform? That's the way we have to think about it."

MTV: And it's still a trilogy, all three parts slated for the 360?

SK: As far as we're concerned, absolutely

Wonder if it is as far as BioWare's concerned?
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    Didn't it just get confirmed for PC in May?

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