Microsoft Whines About Xbox 360 Shortages

Having a hard time finding an Xbox 360 in stores lately? You aren't the only one. Overwhelming demand for the console over the holidays has left many post-holiday Xbox seekers in the cold. In a statement yesterday issued in order to soften the blow of what will most likely be disappointing NPD numbers today, Microsoft spokesman David Dennis explains the situation.

"We did not forecast the level of demand that we would see throughout the holidays, and we didn't manufacture as many units as we should have," Dennis said. "It's simply a case of demand outpacing supply demand at this point. We're working as hard as we can to replenish supply with all of our retailers, but we are aware of supply issues across the board at most major retailers in the U.S."

Aw, puddin'. The Xbox 360 fans in the audience are asked to note this information down for use in the ensuing argument against PS3 and Wii fans in the comments of the NPD numbers post later today.

Supply shortages hurt Xbox sales last month []


    Hmm. I wonder what the story is behind all of this.
    The xbox 360 is a great system and it was very popular during the holidays.
    Regardless, i think this may be a strategic move to help spur up even more demand for this system in an attempt to gain a few notches on the wii and maintain it's lead on the ps3.

    The system has been out for over two years now, i am sure the manufacturing plants have creating this system down by this time.
    Who knows, maybe it could be a real shortage. If it is, then Microsoft should be posting amazing numbers as it sold out completely of their systems. :P

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