Molyneux Says He Was A Bit Of A Prat

A few weeks back, EA boss John Riccitiello was all about admitting mistakes. Like the way EA bought three of PC gaming's best developers in the 90s - Origin, Westwood and Bullfrog - and ruined them. And he was upset! Made it sound like it was all EA's fault! There there, John. Don't be too hard on yourself. Peter Molyneux, former head of Bullfrog, says he's as much to blame:

I was a bit of a prat back then, to be honest. To be fair, I think [EA]didn't do anything bad. I was just very immature, and I was coming to terms with not having 30 of my friends but instead having 200 strangers around me. That was difficult, and I made life difficult for them.

You mischievous little scamp! Still, bit of public repentance never hurt anyone.
Peter Molyneux: I Was A Bit Of A Prat [1UP]


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