Molyneux's At It Again, Talking Up "Revolutionary" Things

One thing about Peter Molyneux: We just wish he'd let his games do the talking after they're released, instead of letting his mouth ruin them before their release. No need to over-hype, Peter! Now, he says what his team that worked on the original Black & White is up to:

In the six years since Black & White [was released]they have been working improving the great things that underpinned that game, and now they are getting pretty close to something that is very significant. It's a very big thing. A new franchise and as close to something revolutionary as I have ever seen. And we're close to announcing it... If you think back to the one thing about Black & White that was most fascinating, you'd have to say it was that creature that learned behaviour and seemed, for a certain glimpse, to be alive. Imagine if you could take that and multiply it by a billion...

Imagine if Peter Molyneux never said this and then showed something that delivered on this promise. Well, that'd be pretty revolutionary, wouldn't it?
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    Man, I hope he's right. The original Black and White is still one of my favourite games, ever. I just wish it had a little more plot (And some good characters instead of those annoying as hell (no pun intended) angel and demon things). Still, I think it was revolutionary... well, should have been... and I simply can't wait for a new, simliar game with just as high a level of control.

    Ahahaha "take that and multiply by a billion".

    He just cant help himself.

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