Moore Talks EA Sports Camps, Bet with Schilling

The Wall Street Journal today examines Peter Moore's new role at Electronic Arts Sports, talking to the new division's new president about how he plans to reinvigorate EA Sports after its first drop in sales in at least seven years.

In it he talks about a lot of the usual things and mentions, in passing, that he plans to announce to analysts today the extension of the NFL contract that I talked with Moore about last night. Moore says the company also recently struck a deal with IMG Worldwide, the New York-based sports-management and entertainment company that represents a slew of top athletes, including Tiger Woods. EA hopes to use this to one day put the EA Sports brand on a "variety of consumer products and services, from soccer balls to tennis camps for kids" in the same way that ESPN now shows up on restaurants and a magazine.

Does that mean there could be an EA Sports Bar in our future?

The article ends with the revelation that Moore recently made a bet with Boston Red Sox pitcher, and fellow gamer, Curt Schilling. If Moore can kick a 50-yard field goal he gets to write Schilling's blog for a day. No word on what he has to do if he loses. Dreads?

EA Sports Aims to Punch Up Games [The Wall Street Journal]


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