More Skate, Burnout, Mass Effect Coming From EA

From the Duh Files comes news that EA plans to ship "extensions" to its financially successfully Skate and Burnout series, by way of EA Games prez Frank Gibeau. He also says that a proper Mass Effect sequel is already in the works. What those extension may be wasn't defined, GameSpot reports, but could easily mean proper sequels or handheld spin-offs. And while downloadable content most likely isn't out of the question, Skate producers have gone on record in the past saying the title wasn't built with DLC in mind.

Another Burnout wouldn't come as a shock to just about anyone, but it would appear that EA is not going to give up trying to unseat the current Madden of skateboarding, Tony Hawk. He told investors "these are the fights that EA knows how to win," which I'm sure has Activision execs losing control of their bowels in fear. You're welcome for the imagery.

New Burnout, Skate on the way [GameSpot]


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