Namco x Capcom Now In English Courtesy Of Super-Fans

Fanboy crossover RPG Namco x Capcom was destined never to be released outside of Japan. Filled with fanservice on both sides, featuring characters culled from Darkstalkers, The Legend of Valkyrie, Street Fighter, Tekken, Strider and many more Namco and Capcom franchises, the tactical action RPG would have been too great an undertaking for too little benefit for both publishers. What looked like a franchise wet dream would only be experienced by Japanese speakers.

Fans to the rescue!

The homegrown translation team at Transgen has localised the PlayStation 2 game's Japanese dialogue from KOS-MOS, Morrigan and dozens of others and is now in the beta-testing stages. While we don't expect it will be easy (or legal) to get your hands on the English language version of Namco x Capcom, interested parties will surely find a way.

Beta-Test in Progress! [Transgen]


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