Need for Speed ProStreet Get Energised

If the best things in life really are free, then it might be worth your while to check out Need for Speed ProStreet's free collection of downloads at the PlayStation Store. The Energizer Lithium Extender Pack offers two new cars (the Plymouth Road Runner and the SEAT Leon Cupra) and two new tracks (Leipzig Test Track and Tokyo Expressway). The Extender Pack also give you access to purchase 14 other new cars, including two of my favorites, the Bugatti Veyron and the Aston Martin DBR9. I can't help but succumb to daydreams of being an international spy when I hear the name "Aston Martin."

If that's not enough Need for Speed ProStreet for you, EA has also announced Energizer's Community Race Weekend, starting February 22. PS3 and Xbox 360 racers can compete for prizes and bragging rights, once they're registered at the official Race Day page.


    you cant get any of those cars in australia

    I downloaded the extender pack for ps3 and got the 2 new cars and extra tracks, but where are the 14 new cars eveyone keeps talking about??? I can't see anything in the playstation store to download? Anyone's help is greatly appreciated as I have the zonda, lambo, etc and I need some new cars to use. Do you have to complete anything to get the 14 extra cars?

    they are in there now. go to game add ons and you will see them. there is 4 downloads, but you have to pay for all of them, which stinks

    i have bought the game add on's but they don't work or i can't find them. do you have to complete a race before you can use them or what? do they only work on version 1.30 of the game because i can't download it for some f**king reason. please help!!!

    i cant access my downloaded cars either and i downloaded update 1.30 and i just gives me a black screen and thts it

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