Negative Media Coverage Hurts The Media, Not Gaming

lies.jpg Whenever a mainstream media outlet takes a swing at gaming, I can feel the hairs prickling across the internet. Because every time this happens, we're flooded with emails from apprehensive, defensive gamers, deflector shields already up, somehow concerned that some stuffy old codger saying gaming is "a social evil" will adversely affect their medium of choice. News flash: it does not. In fact it usually has the opposite effect. Which is why it's nice to see Next-Gen editor Colin Campbell writing a piece on that very subject:

Playing games is the thing regular people do. So when the networks start blustering about how it's "interactivity" or "gore" or "porn" in games that does the damage, they look like idiots. And not just to some hardcore fraternity of die-hard gamers, but to millions of their viewers.

Not that many networks and newspapers need much more help looking like idiots, but hey, small help's better than no help at all.
Gaming vs News Media [Next-Gen][Img]


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