Netflix Coming To Consoles?

Chalk this up as a rumour for the moment, but a few people are claiming that video rental/streaming company Netflix has been polling to see whether or not gamers would be interested in seeing Netflix streaming come to Xbox 360 and PS3. So is the rumor true? No clue. But another recent Netflix announcement sure brings the possibility one step closer on the 360, at least from a technical standpoint.

You see, up until now, Netflix streaming has required the special Netflix client. But a day-old announcement reveals that Netflix is now streaming to Vista Media Center. Right now the use of the media extender isn't working to bring Netflix to the 360 from PCs, but the software developer clarified:

Yes, MyNetflix will work on the Xbox 360 extender. The only feature that does not work on the extender yet is the "watch now" feature.

While that may seem like a cut and dry confirmation that Netflix is coming to Xbox 360, the "watch now" feature is the only one that matters. And "yet" is an awfully vague term.

Netflix Announcement [Anpark via Gizmodo]
NetFlix Rumour [Seanbajuice and tips via Engadget]


    Don't Microsoft already have their own movie rental service for 360? I'm fairly sure they do (well, in the IMPORTANT countries), so I don't see why they'd complicate things with another company in there too, who would no doubt want a bigger slice of the pie anyway.

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