New Aliens, Red Faction Games Christened

Next month's Game Informer has the scoop on two big-name upcoming shooters. One is Gearbox's Aliens game, the other Volition's third Red Faction title. While the mag's not out yet, leaving us frustratingly short on info and screens, we can see that both games at least have snappy new subtitles, making it all the easier for us to differentiate them from past titles in the series/franchise. "Gearbox's Aliens game" can now be referred to as Aliens: Colonial Marines. What, I hear you ask, no Aliens, no Predator, no vs? Not a big surprise: we've heard the game is based very closely on the look/feel of Jim Cameron's film and Syd Mead's designs. "Red Faction III", meanwhile, must now be known by its official title, which is Red Faction: Guerilla.
Game Informer March Cover Revealed [GI]


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