New Introversion Game Will Spawn Cities Like A God

generator.jpg Subversion is the name of a work-in-progress from developers Introversion, who of course you know from Darwinia and Defcon. So it should, at the very least, be different. Certainly looks that way from the development reports coming out from the project, with lead programmer Chris Delay gushing over the game's scalable city generator, which is not only able to custom-build its own cities - with around 70,000 buildings in them - but each individual building's design as well. Understandably, Delay is excited:

Subversion is undoubtedly the most ambitious game we've ever attempted to create - massive in scope and totally uncompromising in it's requirements. But every day I work on it I'm even more convinced - this is the big one, Introversion Software's Magnum Opus, and it's going to be the best game we will ever make.

Big words! Then again, I'm absolutely fascinated with the idea of just this city-builder, so if there's a whole game to go on top of it, maybe they really are onto something big.
It's all in your head, Part 8 [Introversion, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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