New Leapfrog Handhelds Go Online

Leapfrog, makers of tech-based educational games, has announced two new products today. They are updating the GBAesque Leapster learning system with the new Leapster2 ($US 70), while also unrolling a new product called the Didj Custom Gaming System ($US 90). Both systems represent a new initiative for the company to connect child learning with online functionality. While the Leapster2 brings simpler functions like online rewards, the Didj allows parents to track what their kids are playing and coordinate gameplay with schoolwork. It's not a DS redesign, but these systems are pretty neat all the same. Both will be available this summer—just in time to keep those pests out of the dangerous, carcinogenic sun where they belong.
Leapfrog Store [Leapfrog via I4U]


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