New "Opus" and "Valhalla" Xbox 360 Chipsets Coming Next?

Excuse us while we go uberdorky for a moment. We've all heard about the Xbox 360 chipsets Xenon (90nm CPU, 90nm GPU), Zephyr (HDMI and cooling), Falcon (65nm CPU) and rumoured Jasper (not out yet, 65nm CPU, 65nm GPU). Now a new rumour has it that two new chipsets could be coming called "Opus" and "Valhalla." Here's the skinny:

The Opus chipset is actually a bit strange. Featuring a 65nm CPU and a 90nm GPU, the Opus seems like a step back because it's merely intended to fit in the original Xenon Xbox 360 cases. With the Opus, all those RRoD systems can be, in some small way, recycled. This chipset will probably be reserved for refurbished systems only.

That means the Valhalla would be the next chipset of choice since it combines the CPU and GPU onto one 65nm chip. Requiring even less cooling that we'd see in the Jasper chipset, the Valhalla could be the Holy Grail for Microsoft to make some serious cash on the console business. And it could happen either in late 2009 or 2010.

Now to sit back and listen to all the, "I have to wait until freakin' 2010 to buy a 360??" comments.

Next Xbox 360 Designs are "Opus" and "Valhalla" [8bitjoystick]


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