New PS3 Bundle Coming To Australia

PS3-2.jpgWhile this has nothing to do with a larger hard drive, Sony will be offering a new bundle in Australia that includes a 40GB PS3, second Sixaxis controller and one of the following games: Heavenly Sword, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction or NBA 08 all for $799.95. Wow, that's looking a LOT better than the original $1000 PS3 launch price that Luke had to put up with.
New PlayStation 3 bundle confirmed by Sony [PALGN]


    I think you mean AU $799.95.

    Thanks for spotting that Leigh. Fixed now.

    Is this a joke? The 40gb PS3 + DMC4 sells for ~$500 in Japan. Add in $50 for a second controller and you'd still have change to buy the most of the titles in the Australian deal!

    i work at Game. Thats the name of the store, we are currently selling the PS3 40gig with one controller and your choice of one of those games for $799. We have been selling this for about a week now so i would said that its not coming but infact here.

    Yeah I work at JB Hi-Fi, we have been selling this for about a week for $778.

    what still no rumble.....hmmmmm. tired of sonys handling here in Oz. still going to wait and see if worthwhile.......eventually :O

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