Next Xbox World 360 Features Goldeneye

The UK's Xbox World 360 magazine blog has been teasing readers over the past week or so with snippets of a screenshot (like the one seen here) from a game they will be featuring in their next issue, which hits stands February 27th. After puzzling over the pieces with the help of several of our readers, we've come to the conclusion that it is indeed the abandoned port of Rare's N64 classic Goldeneye for Xbox Live Arcade. They'll have shots from the game and hands-on impressions, but don't be getting your hopes up.

There'll be no satisfying conclusion... but maybe, together, we can take down the whole system. Or, er, change a few minds.

Or at the very least move a few magazines, right? Hit the link to browse the heartbreaking screenshot snippets.

What Game Is This? Part #7 [Xbox World 360 Blog - Thanks Andrew and Ryan!]


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