Next-Gen's "Hot 100" Developers List Is Great

Next-Gen have gone out on a limb and named who they believe are the hottest 100 developers for 2008. That's individual developers, too, not development studios. It's an exhaustive list, and one which does a great job of covering all major territories and platforms, so click through to see the highlights of a list in which The Gooch (23) beats out Miyamoto (26), and Patrice's lovely beard (16) beat out Peter Molyneux (27). So, yes, in other words, this is the best list ever.

While there were 100 developers who made the list, there's no way in hell I'm trawling through it and re-typing all 100 entrants. You'll need to hit the link below if you want to see the hotly-contested battle for 89th place. Instead, I'm just going to skip straight past the chaff and highlight the wheat - ie the top 10.

10: Casey Hudson (BioWare/Mass Effect)
9. Dan Houser (Rockstar/GTA)
8. Yoshiaki Koizumi (Nintendo/Mario Galaxy)
7. Hideo Kojima (Kojima Productions/Metal Gear Solid)
6. Will Wright (Maxis/Spore)
5. Greg LoPiccolo (Harmonix/Rock Band)
4. Rob Pardo (Blizzard/WoW)
3. Jason West (Infinity Ward/Call of Duty 4)
2. Harold Ryan (Bungie/Halo)
1. Ken Levine (2K/BioShock)

NOTE: Next-Gen have based this list on who they believe is "hot" RIGHT NOW. Not in 2006, not in 1996, but NOW.



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