NiGHTS Celebrates All Year Long With Hidden Content

nightslogo2.jpg We've heard about Sega's NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams using the Wii weather channel to control weather within the game, but in an article on 1Up, Sega has revealed that there is some additional hidden content on the disc. In the "My Dream" part of the game, players can raise their own A-Life and the hidden content will allow them to have monthly celebrations. Using the Wii calendar as a time clock, the little AIs can celebrate various holidays each month including New Years, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even the Bull-Run. Make the jump to check out each month's activities.

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January: Nightopians ring in the New Year by setting off fireworks once every hour beginning at midnight on January 1.

February: Nightopians revisit the New Year theme to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This time you can catch them holding a giant dragon and throwing firecrackers.

March: March is the month of carnivals, and as such many Nightopians will don a mask for the occasion.

April: For this month the Nightopians show off their passion by wearing a Flamenco-inspired rose.

May: The Japanese celebrate the Boys' Festival on May 5, and so do your Nightopians. This month they can be seen flying a carp streamer.

June: Acknowledging the tradition of June weddings, Nightopians will appear with a boquet or flower basket.

July: Nightopians equip themselves with bull armor and a red cape to celebrate the Bull-Running Festival.

August: Nightopians turn to music, performing with various instruments during this month.

September: The Nightopians transition into fall with full moon paper fans.

October: Nightopians will dress up as witches for Halloween and will also carry pumpkin lanterns throughout this month.

November: Autumn leaves and fruit make for a perfectly nationality-free Thanksgiving for the Nightopians.

December: Here's where the Nightopians really go nuts. Throughout December, the Nightopians will dress as Santa and join together under a Christmas tree. They can also be seen carrying around cake, wearing a tricorn, and letting off fireworks. On December 24 and 25 specifically the Nightopians will sing a special Christmas song.


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